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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Final thoughts…trip 7 October 8, 2017

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My creative blog titles are a reflection of my fatigue.  These last couple days have been a blur. J did great during his first major excursion outside the orphanage. His favorite things, like so many of us, were eating at the restaurant, baths, and Netflix.  

I’d say the biggest challenge was sleeping. He’d “sleep” for about 11 hours, which was great. But for most of those hours he was rubbing my head, rubbing his feet on my legs…tracking me down wherever I would try to go in the bed. I literally curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed, desparate for sleep…he found me.  Needless to say, the current plan is to move him directly into his bed when he gets home.  No co-sleeping for bonding purposes….or I will never make it.

We were supposed to meet our driver today at 11am.  He showed up right on Haitian time-11:45.  He didn’t know how to get the orphanage and told me he was counting on me to help.  I sometimes get lost leaving my neighborhood, so the idea of me navigating the streets of Port-au-Prince is hilarious.  The one time he made a turn and I insisted he was wrong, of course I was wrong.

We dropped off J and hung out with several of our favorite kids. We headed back to the hotel around 3. 

Tonight we hired a driver to take us to a restaurant that overlooks the entire city-crazy beautiful views and amazing food.  While I will miss J, I am hoping to get some sleep tonight😴


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