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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Mangos and Street Food  March 12, 2017

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We got a late start today. The time change here in Haiti is not quite so straightforward because sometimes they change and sometimes they don’t. Well this year they decided to change, but the telecom companies didn’t get the memo, so Lewis the translator was a bit late😀.

We knew today was going to be a long day with a lot of moving parts. Our driver picked up more mangoes and waters for the kids. And we ordered street food for the entire orphanage.

All of us were experiencing toddler fatigue. We adore those cute faces, but we needed to reclaim our personal space so we invited the older kids to hang with us on the balcony all morning. It was glorious! They made bracelets, made puzzles, they did adult coloring books…in general it was peaceful and fun. 

J was very chill today as well, which was great for me to just sit with him and listen to music.

I want to thank Colleen’s friends and family who allowed us to purchase more than 300 mangoes and bags of water; diapers; 50 jars of baby food; and 150 meals for the kids and staff at Foyer. The best part was that the $$ was for the most part put directly into the hands of Haitian workers. Also, big shout out to Amy Nolan for helping to purchase diapers and formula for the babies!!

The meals arrived around 1 and they were a hit! All the kids devoured the chicken and savoured every last morsel.

In the afternoon, Erin entertained the littles with wiki stixs, pipe cleaners, and sidewalk chalk.

Colleen and Jen fed at least 20 babies pears, apples, guava, etc…

We passed out mangoes and water again around 4. We said our goodbyes and were off☹️

It was an awesome trip-our driver really made the difference. He helped to connect us more directly to the economy and use our resources in a meaningful way. He also opened our minds a bit more about the complexities of this tiny, beautiful place.

We head home tomorrow to snow…but families who are ready for mom to be home.


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