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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Baseball player March 11, 2017

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A lot happened today, which I will get to shortly. The most important news to share is that J used a plastic toy bowling pin and bowling ball to simulate a baseball bat and ball. Be still my heart. 

Ok, now back to the rest of day. We met our driver and translator at 9. Our driver picked up 180 bags of water and 125 mangoes on his way to pick us up to give to the kids today.

Colleen  and Jen both received donations for this trip, so we have been using the donations to buy fruit, diapers, formula, etc…We still had quite a bit of $$ left, so we decided to ask a lady on the street if she could make 150 individual chicken/rice/beans meals for the kids and staff at the orphanage. We found a woman on the street who Lewis said made delicious food. She normally doesn’t cook Sundays, but made an exception for us. She is even going to deliver the food.

We arrived to the orphanage and passed out the water and mangoes, which were a huge hit.

I’ve noticed on these past two trips that J is much more active. We used to spend most of our day on the balcony, but now most of our day is spent running around the yard. Which is great, but makes for one tired mama.

A fellow adoptive mom paid for a ministry called Outside the Bowl to deliver beans, rice, and chicken sauce for all the kids, which was great to see all the kids with full bellies. J said the prayer for his group before they ate, which was adorable beyond words.

He also rode on a bike today, with the help of our buddy Gabriel.

Jen hung with babies again. 

Colleen played soccer with the older boys-she’s the tall white person in the picture below.

Erin did lots of puzzles and had several kids clinging to her ALL DAY. 

We left the orphanage a little early and did some shopping at the Apparent Project. We loaded up on gifts and then got smoothies at Clay Cafe. 


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