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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Traveling with a VIP March 10, 2017

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We made it! 

The four of us (Colleen, Erin, Jen, and me) had uneventful first legs of our trip and met in Miami around 10 am. We grabbed lunch at our favorite airport Mexican restaurant and headed to Port-au-Prince around 12:30.

Erin, Colleen, and I sat in the back of the airplane with the rif raff. Not Jen. She sat in first class with the diplomats and money makers. 

Once us coach travelers finally made it off the back of the airplane, we headed through customs in record time. We then went to baggage claim, where we got to meet one of Jen’s new friends from first class😀 

Once we all got our luggage, we went and found our ride to the hotel.  We held our own on this trip! Only one us gave up our bag for “assistance” and a tip. Not too bad.

We made the short trip to the hotel. We settled in and organized supplies for tomorrow. And then headed to the outdoor seating area of the restaurant for some red wine, rum punch, and Prestige beer. We ate Haitian cuisine tonight: accra (friend veggie hash);  and various meat dishes with beans and rice prepared creole style. 

We are off to bed now (I love these early bedtimes in Haiti) to get some rest before our first day at the orphanage tomorrow.


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