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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

These Ladies Keep This Place Running March 10, 2017

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Excited to get our day started, we all met for breakfast at 8. We filled up on watermelon, sweet rolls, and omelettes. We met our driver around 9. He is an American who has been in Haiti for 3 years. He runs a bed and breakfast with his wife and is very familiar with Haitian adoptions as he is adopting two kids and most of his hotel guests are adoptive family.

Our driver was unbelievably helpful and informative. We usually stop at a local grocery store to buy supplies to make lunch for kids. Our driver encouraged us to instead put our money into the hands of the ladies who sell goods on the side of the road. 

He told us about these Haitian women who are up at 3 am, getting their supplies from the markets to sell for the day. They are warming us their ovens to cook pate for the kids who go to school early. “These ladies keep this place running”, he told us.

We decided to buy bananas, mangoes, and peanut butter sandwiches from the ladies. It was an adventure. We made a rookie mistake by getting out of the car at the first vendor. The seller wouldn’t negotiate on price, so our driver moved on. He said it would be a bad precedence to buy from someone who won’t negotiate. 

The next three vendors were a success. Our driver told us that the ladies did not believe him when he requested to buy all of their merchandise (we bought a lot of fruit!). He kept having explain himself and reassure the ladies that he was serious.

We arrived to Foyer a little before 11. Apparently J goes to school now. Who knew? Kiki from Foyer went to fetch him for me. 

When he got to the orphanage, I got a huge smile and running hug❤❤.  Colleen and Jen headed to baby room and jumped in feeding and changing diapers. 

Erin got busy coloring/painting with the little kids.

Our driver helped us keep some semblance of order for the fruit/sandwich distribution. 

We rolled through our day playing with sidewalk chalk, painting, coloring, pipe cleaners, etc…

I followed J’s lead. He was equal parts sweet/snugly and mischievous (he somehow got a hold of a sharp stick and was terrorizing other children with before I finally wrangled it away).

We made it through our first day and left around 4, exhausted and emotionally spent. We are now back at the hotel drinking wine poolside watching stereotypical Americans on spring break chicken fighting in the pool.


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