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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Trip #6 March 6, 2017

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It is hard to believe that our first trip to Haiti was only 17 months ago.  Patrick and I were reminiscing last night about how our perception and feelings on these trips have drastically evolved.  The very things that at first felt so foreign and unsafe (driving, navigating the airport, etc…) are now some of our favorite parts of our visits.

We are unbelievably blessed to be able to visit our son so frequently (although I miss him fiercely in between visits).  And that we have family and friends who are willing to invest in our family and the kids at our orphanage to accompany us on these adventures.

I leave this Thursday for our sixth trip.  All the boys are staying home because this is a LADIES trip!  I am thrilled that our friends Colleen, Erin, and Jen are joining me.  Two of us are traveling from Virginia, one from North Carolina, and one from Ohio.  We will meet in Miami Thursday afternoon and head to Port-au-Prince together.

All of these ladies are moms with busy lives, jobs,  and families that they are leaving behind – we are so grateful for their love, support, and sacrifice to join me.

Please pray for our trip  – for safe travels, health, and opened eyes/hearts.  I’ll keep you posted during our visit!




2 Responses to “Trip #6”

  1. Dorothy wickline Says:

    We are so happy you will have good friends to travel with you. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. God bless. Dorothy and Bob

  2. Jennifer Callahan Says:

    Yay! So great that you gals will be going together! Will be praying for y’all!

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