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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Movement February 27, 2017

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And we finally exited IBESR (nicknamed “the black hole” by frustrated adopting families).

This is a big deal. 

We entered IBESR December 13th, 2013.  More than 3 years later, we are OUT.

IBESR is typically the longest/most unpredictable portion of the Haitian adoption process (I hope I am not jinxing our file by writing this).

I know that everyone’s next question is when can we bring him home. Our answer remains the same: we don’t know.

We have three final phases: 1. Haitian courts to get an adoption decree 2. Passports 3. Visa

We are praying for a 2017 homecoming.

I am headed to Haiti March 9th to visit my boo – this progress could not have come at a better time. I had some seriously soul crushing moments last week where I thought the weight was going to break me (I am typically not dramatic, but it was a dark week).

We are so thankful to be moving forward-thanks for continued prayers!


4 Responses to “Movement”

  1. lcmcgreevey Says:

    So exciting!!!!! What a great way to start the Haitian week of holidays!!! Lol! We are extremely excited for you guys – thanks for sharing! I was hoping yours was on the list this morning! Much love – Laura & family

  2. Nicole Says:

    Thrilled to read good news. Think of of you all so often. Continuing to pray!!!

  3. julie Says:

    So, so thankful!!! 🙂 We are on this journey too (still waiting for our referral) and have been praying for progress for you guys. So thankful to hear your news today! Congratulations!! 🙂

  4. Amy Says:

    So HAPPY for you guys!! I know that is such a relief. I pray that you move quickly through the next phases. We are currently waiting for our decree and hoping for a 2017 homecoming as well.

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