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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Investigation Update August 19, 2016

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Thank you prayer warriors – we have felt covered and loved!

We received an update regarding our case this week.  Our adoption coordinator, Margaret, was in Haiti last week and spent time discussing our case with IBESR, the Haitian adoption unit.

IBESR has put the full investigation of J’s aside.  This is good news.

Instead, IBESR is asking our orphanage director to gather files from the National Archives regarding J.  Once our orphanage director has the files and submits them to IBESR, they will review the files and hopefully exit us.

We don’t know what these mysterious files are or the timeline to collect and submit them.

But at least is a path forward.

My heart is guarded – I don’t trust timelines or good news any more.  But I am trying to be grateful for this progress.


We Need A Miracle August 1, 2016

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We need a miracle – if you are the praying type, we ask that you would cover our adoption in prayer in a big way.

On July 19, we received the news I had been dreading for several months.

I have spent the last few weeks try to ignore/deny/process the news and I am failing miserably. I cannot even think of our adoption right now without tears (sorry for everyone who has asked about J and I’ve uncomfortably teared up and walked away), so I am writing this update.

Like all things in this Haitian adoption process, I don’t fully understand, so I will explain the issue the best I can.

We are still in IBESR (Haitian adoption authority) waiting for an exit letter. We have been waiting for 10 months.  Apparently the letter was written in April and we have been just waiting on four signatures.

This spring, I learned that several families from my orphanage were delayed in the final steps of their adoption. The US Dept. of Immigration in Haiti was not moving their cases forward because they wanted more information from IBESR, which was completely unnecessary and would likely never happen.  It was a mess (it’s resolved now PTL).

Naturally, I began to question our process because J’s story is very similar to the children of the stuck families. Would we get stuck at the same point? I questioned our adoption agency about the likelihood of this affecting our case and they did not believe it would at that time.

During our last trip to Haiti several weeks ago, moments before we left the orphanage, my adoption coordinator let me know that families who had been waiting for three months for an exit letter just received them. Instantly this waved a major red flag for me that something was delaying our letter.  And it wasn’t just waiting for signatures.  I knew in that moment something was wrong…mother’s intuition.

The following Tuesday (July 19), our adoption coordinator emailed us to let us know that IBESR is investigating the circumstances as to how J came to the orphanage. They don’t know what they are investigating in particular, how they will go about the search, or how long it will take.

So we are indefinitely stuck. And feeling helpless and hopeless.  And fighting tears.

And please forgive me, but I am going to attempt to lovingly answer some questions: We don’t know how long we will be stuck. We don’t know why this process has taken so long.  We aren’t going to bribe anyone to move our case along.  Our elected officials cannot help because our file is in the hands of the Haitian government.  And we do believe that God works all things for our good and His timing is perfect.

I know this is grim. But it is real.  Will you pray?


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