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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Still Waiting September 29, 2015

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Here we are again. Still waiting.

-On July 10, 2015 we received news that our child is J.  However, when he turned 3 on June 15th, he aged out of our original age request (0-2).

-We updated our Home Study and sent it to immigration for approval on July 22.

-We received immigration approval on August 26.

-Our immigration approval was sent to Haiti August 27th.  This approval was the missing piece of information IBESR needed to submit our referral.

-On September 4th, we learned that our referral was ready.  IBESR just has to release our referral to our orphanage.  But they haven’t done this.  Why?  Literally, only God knows.

Please pray they release our referral.


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