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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Progress June 2, 2015

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We have made great progress in the last month.  On December 2, 2014, we learned that our file was at the Children’s Judge.  The Haitian adoption process is so confusing that even someone who is intimately involved with it, such as myself, still gets confused about what is happening.  I thought that we were just waiting for the Children’s Judge to sign our file.  But apparently, the Judge needed to sign our file as well as the Mayor of the town where our orphanage is located.  Additionally, there were many, many families waiting for this Mayor to sign their files as well.  So we all rejoiced together through our online Facebook group when all of our files were signed.

The Mayor signed our file on Tuesday, May 12 and our orphanage brought it back to IBESR later that week.  IBESR is where they issue referrals. My family coordinator (her name is Michelle) let us know that IBESR indicated it would take at least six weeks to process referrals.  If there is one thing I am clear about in Haitian adoptions, is that timelines mean nothing.  So I have been working hard to manage my expectations about when we will receive our referral.

However, yesterday, June 1st, we received an email from Michelle. IBESR was asking for updated immigration paperwork from us (which we have already).  Michelle called me and told me that it was likely good news that IBESR is requesting this information and that our file is in the referral office.  I am really struggling to manage my expectations at this point.  So much so, that I’ve scheduled Patrick and I to get our immunizations started next week.

While I might be fuzzy on the details of the adoption process, the one thing that I am so clear on is that this adoption…this wait…this journey is absolutely God working in our lives.  He has been so present on this 2+ year journey.  When I waver, He does not.  To Him be the glory.


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