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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Cattywumpus April 24, 2014

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The wheels have fallen off the Wickline family wagon over the past couple of months. And the backdrop of the insanity has been our upcoming move.

A bit of background…

We currently live in a rental home. We originally moved into our rental home October 2011 because we believed we were going to move out-of-state and needed just a short-term rental in VA until I found a job in Columbus, OH. God had other plans for our life and we decided to stay in VA.

Over the past several months Patrick and I have been considering buying a house. We wanted to be in our “forever home” when we bring home our child from Haiti to avoid any further disruption in his/her life. But we had financial concerns about buying a new home and paying for the adoption.

Late February our landlords let us know that they were going to sell our rental home. Decision made – we were going to buy a house this spring. The challenge was that we essentially had 60 days to buy and close on a home (we have to be out of our rental home by April 30). This appeared to be impossible given the fact that housing inventory is very low and our market is incredibly competitive. Additionally, we have lived in Herndon for the past nine years and have built a community and network. We were very committed to staying in Herndon, which made the geographic scope of our search very narrow.

We put two offers on houses that were not successful. I cannot even express my anxiety level at this point. We literally had plans to move into our friends’ basements for the month of May. The clock was ticking and Pat and I were suffocating from anxiety. On Saturday, March 29th we went to visit another house. We really liked the house, but knew that once again we would be in a competitive bid situation and would probably be outbid or outdone by a cash offer. But we put an offer in regardless. And it was accepted!

We are closing on our house April 29th and the moving trucks arrive April 30th. Praise the Lord! Here’s our house –

Amongst the uncertainty and craziness of buying a house, we lost our stepfather, Dale Shorts. I’ve crashed my car and totaled another poor woman’s car and I’ve had staph infection on my face (seriously??? Who gets Mursa in their nose).

I hope we are near the end of this very unsettling season in our lives. Amidst it all, Patrick and I have desperately clung to “In Everything Give Thanks” (I Thessalonians 5:18).

• We are thankful that Haiti has not called during this season. While we cannot wait to meet our child, I am not sure a two-week trip to Haiti over the past couple of months would have been feasible.
• We are thankful that we were in the position to buy a house.
• We are thankful to have found an amazing house in a great neighborhood.
• We are thankful for access to great doctors and medicine.
• We are thankful that nobody got seriously hurt in my car accident.
• We are thankful for amazing friends who make us food, help us pack, serve as pall bearers, and care for our children.
• We are thankful for loving parents who see us through tough times.
• We are thankful for God’s grace and provision.


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