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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Too Long January 24, 2014

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Life has been hectic lately.  We’ve celebrated birthdays, survived pneumonia, and endured too much snow. I owe you an update on our adoption!


As a reminder, our file (dossier) is in Haiti. Our next step is to receive a referral, or information about our child. Although everybody tells us over and over not to expect any sort of typical wait time in Haiti, in my mind (never mind God’s plan…), we will receive our referral this summer.


Our adoption coordinator from America World Adoption Agency travelled to Haiti last week to advocate for families that are in process. We were surprised to receive an update from her about our family.  There are so many families that have “been in line” much longer than us!


But she met with the Assistant Director of the organization that issues referrals (IBESR). As a reminder, when our paperwork was submitted, our crèche (orphanage), also submitted a suggested child for our family based on what we requested in our application. Apparently, the Director of IBESR has signed a document stating that the referral from the orphanage should be honored and given to our family.


We are not sure if this means we will get our referral more quickly, but it is encouraging to know that our file is being reviewed and moved forward.


Our adoption coordinator was very enthused by this meeting – so we are too. So we continue to wait…but now with a bit more anticipation.


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