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Our Adoption Journey to Haiti

Epic October 18, 2013

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This happened 10 years ago:


In my opinion, Patrick and I have an epic love story.  I am not saying that we have the perfect marriage or that I don’t drive him crazy in a thousand little ways (like the way I blow my nose or put his cup in the dishwasher before he is finished with his drink)…but when our time in this world comes to an end, we pray that our children and grandchildren will remember the way we loved each other as “epic”.

Our love story began in Athens, Ohio at Ohio University, which is where we are headed this weekend to celebrate with our kids and dear friends. We were 22-years-old.  I had skinny hips and Patrick had hair on the top of his head.

We started our epic journey together in 2000. Our early days as a couple laid the groundwork for who we are today as a family.  Patrick and I packed up my parent’s Dodge Grand Caravan with all of our possessions in trash bags and headed out west to Denver, Colorado with no place to live and no money. We lived in an extended stay motel (we are pretty certain our neighbors were running a prostitution ring) until we convinced someone to rent us an apartment; we survived on food stamps; and we slept on a thrift store mattress on the floor of our 500 square foot apartment.  We were so poor and yet so rich.

I firmly believe God used these early days (we had NO idea at the time) – this dichotomy of being poor, yet rich – in our relationship to build our foundation as a family. It was our time spent in Colorado that we learned money does not mean happiness (thank goodness); struggles often result in joy; and there is nothing better in THIS world than to experience epic love.

These lessons have carried us through our marriage. It’s helped us through a job loss, a colicky baby, health issues, and the daily grind of life. And I know it will carry us through our next decade.:


Apparent Project Open House October 11, 2013

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We’ve officially recovered from our Garage Sale, so we are moving on to another fundraiser. This is actually the best type of fundraiser because not only are we helping ourselves, but we are directly supporting Haitian women in a very cool way.

We are hosting an Open House Saturday, November 16th from 1p.m. – 5 p.m., where we will be selling bracelets made by Haitian women that are part of the Apparent Project.

Check them out – http://www.apparentproject.org/. In a nutshell, women in Haiti use discarded materials such as cereal and cracker boxes, oil drums, and trash paper to create beautiful “upcycled” pieces of jewelry. While redeeming the Haitian landscape, these artisans are also bringing new hope to their families, employing themselves for a brighter future and earning the means to pay for their children’s food, shelter, and education. That means less orphans, less crime, less garbage, less stress, and a whole lot more beauty in Haiti.

So grab a friend and stop by our home for drinks, food, and shopping with purpose.


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